Bauxite Grains Stones Powder, Origin: Turkish Bauxite Stones, Bauxite Powder. Type: Abrasive, Abrasives. Sectors: aircraft, automotive, household appliances, power tools.

It is an ore known as a mineral but composed of minerals. The raw material of aluminum is a rock formation. In addition, It also contains different metals.

Bauxite Usage areas

Some sectors and products where bauxite ore is used are as follows; aircraft industry, automotive, household appliances, power tools.

Physical and Chemical Properties Of Bauxite:

The chemical formula of bauxite is usually “Al2O3NH2O”. However, since the minerals in the bauxite ore differ, the formula may also be different. The hardness value is 1 to 3. Its density is between 2 and 2.5. Bauxite is known as a mineral, but it is not a mineral. An ore or mineral is composed of minerals. Ore is an impure form of the mineral. A mineral, on the other hand, is a pure compound with a precise formula. Therefore, not every ore is a mineral, and not every mineral is an ore.

Minerals such as silica, calcium, iron, and titanium in bauxite reduce the quality of ore. 

Additional information

  • Packaging: 25 kg PP woven bags / 1.000 kg big bags
  • Custom Tariff Nr.: 2513 2000 000/ CAS Nr.: 1318-16-7
  • REACH: Not subject to registration in accordance with Annex V of the REACH regulation
  • Production process: washed, dried, crushed, sieved and classified
  • This is a product from Nature. Color may have different varieties of grey shades

Natural Bauxite

Chemical Element

Natural Aluminum Oxide (corundum) – Al2O3


Hard, tough and rough rock type of natural grey color


◆Surface preparation

◆ Flooring Anti-skid

◆ Sanding

◆ Blasting Grinding

◆ Polishing

◆ Traction enhancement

◆ Filler

Chemical Analysis

  • Al2O3: 55 – 62 %
  • SiO2: 2 – 10 %
  • Fe2O3: 15 – 25 %
  • CaO: 0,05 – 7 %
  • LOI: 10 – 13 %

Standard Grit Sizes

3-6 mm 1-3 mm 0-1 mm

Physical Analysis

  • Specific Gravity: 3.8 g/ml
  • Mohs Hardness: 8