Pumice Grains Stones Powder, Origin: Turkish Pumice Grains, Pumice Stones, Pumice Powder. Types: Abrasive, Abrasives, Sectors: stone-washed jeans, preparing parchment paper and leather bindings, water filtration, chemical spill containment, manufacturing cement, horticulture, and pet industry.

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Physical Analysis

  • Specific Gravity: g/ml
  • Mohs Hardness:

Additional information

  • Packaging: 25 kg PP woven bags / 1.000 kg big bags
  • Custom Tariff Nr.: / CAS Nr.:
  • REACH: Not subject to registration in accordance with Annex V of the REACH regulation
  • Production process: washed, dried, crushed, sieved and classified
  • This is a product from Nature. Color may have different varieties of grey shades

Pumice PUP6000

Chemical Element

Natural Silicon Dioxide – SIO2


White to light grey granulate


Chemical Analysis

  • Al2O3: 13,26 %
  • SiO2: 71,48 %
  • Fe2O3: 1,06 %
  • CaO: 0,49 %
  • LOI: 4,51 %

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