Zeolite Grains Stones Powder, Origin: Turkish Zeolite, Zeolites Grains, Zeolite Stones, Zeolite Powder. Type: Abrasive, Abrasives.

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Natural Zeolite in Agriculture  

Natural Zeolite is a mineral formation from the sedimented volcanic ashes which completed the formation 

million years in alkaline/salt lakes. 

Zeolite is an Alumina Silicate mineral having small cavities and pores in its crystal structure which absorbs

gases and water. Their improving activity is proven at Fruit and Vegetable Plantation as well as soil conditioning.

Animal Feeding

By mixing Poultry, Sheep, Camel, Dairy, and Beef Cattle food, Zeolite maximizes Nutrition efficiency.

Natural Zeolite usage has gained importance for years in various countries namely Canada, USA , China,

Cuba and Australia. Even NASA has tested Zeolite for the plantation in space w/o soil. These countries have also registered Zeolite as Food Additive.

Zeolite is being used satisfactorily in the following applications ;

 – Soil Conditioner 

 – Animal Feed Additive

 – Waste Water treatment

 – Separator at Gas enrichment

 – Detergent formulation 

 – Nuclear waste and fallout treatment

 – Cat Litter – Pet Litter

Main features of Natural Zeolite ;

–  High Water Absorption Capacity

–  Animal Feed Additive to maximize Nutrition efficiency as improves animal protein generation and growth.

Technical aspects of Zeolite ;

–  Material : Clinoptilotile

Technical Specificatons :

Physical         :  ( Ca , K , Mg , Na ) 3-6  Si  30 Al 6 O 72  24 H2O

Appearance  :  Powder

Colour           :  Ivory

Ph                  :  8.45 ( 10 % solution )

Bulk Density : 1.15 gr/ dm3

Porosity         : 58.50

CEC                :  1.81 meq / gr

Heavy Metal content:  No heavy metal traces.

Natural Zeolite has proved to be used in several areas and got acceptance from many countries. 

In this respect, we believe that our Turkey Zeolite to be added to Cat Litter for higher volumes.

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